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Joseph Wilcox

I'm a senior game-play programmer with more than 15 years of experience in the industry and over 13 years of experience with the Unreal Engine. Having shipped over 20 games total, I know what it takes to get a game out the door.

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Senior Game Programmer · Epic Games


At Epic Games, I helped to build the industry juggernauts Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. There, I was instrumental in not only bringing the game play systems of Unreal Engine 3 to life, but pushing UE3 to emerging mobile markets.

One Man Licensee Ship Strike Team

Since leaving Epic Games, I've been on a mission to help out licensees get their games to market. I work closely with clients from the early prototype phase to the certification and submission.

Steam UE3 Integration Expert

Getting your UE3 title on Steam can be a handful but I'm here to help. From friend's lists to achievements to NAT traversal and invites, I've seen and done it all.


Coding / Programming

  • UnrealScript:


    · 15 years

  • C++ / C#:


    · 15 years

  • Unity


    · 3 year

  • .NET/Asp/SQL


    · 4 year


  • Prototyping:


  • Game systems:


  • UI:


  • Weapons:


  • Online/Network:


  • AI:



  • Visual Studio:


  • Photoshop:


My Games

iOS Mobile Games

I've also dabbled in the mobile market where I built my own 2D game engine using Mono. I'm up to date and familar with both XCODE and Apple's iOS submission process.

New Studio

I've recently stepped up to help open a new indie studio with some other ex-Epic alumni. Look for big things from Rambunctious Games coming soon.

Other Projects | Hobbies

Visual UC

I'm also experienced at creating add-ins for various Microsoft's products including Visual Studio. For Licensees, this includes Visual UC, a tool that makes working with script in VS a breeze.

Check it Out here...


Scaleform and UE3 can be daunting, especially for small projects and rapid prototyping. SimpleUI3 fixes all of that. A simple, easy to setup and easy to use UI system written entirely in UnrealScript, SimpleUI3 simply rocks.

SimpleUI3 is currently in testing with a few groups I work closely with. If you would like to try it out, drop me a line.

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