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Joseph Wilcox

I'm a technical director, and senior game-play programmer with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. Most of those years mastering all levels of the Unreal Engine. Having shipped almost 30 games and experiences, I know what it takes to get a product out the door.

I have built just about every gaming sub-system from weapons and game modes, to user interfaces and network layers / master servers. I've spent the last 5 years building amazing VR, AR and iVR experiences. And I have managed remote contractors and helped prototype several major titles.

I have experience shipping games on every platform including PC, Console, Mobile and VR/AR/MR/XR. On top of programming, I'm an accomplished level designer, writer and know my way around photoshop and sound forge. I've even filmed two short movies (here and here). A true jack of all trades.

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Tech Director · Lead Programmer


At WisEngineering, we are on the forefront of VR/AR development. Whether it's building futuristic simulations for the military or helping to grow our new enterprise and gaming divisions; you can be sure we are doing something amazing. Here at WisE I founded the Digital Reality Lab and we are building immersive VR experiences for our military customers and other commercial ventures.



After three plus years working a long term contract with Epic Games building the new Unreal Tournament, no one can help you get your UE4 project up and running like I can! There, I mastered UE4 working with everything from native code to Blueprints, UMG and Slate.

Licensee Shipping Strike Force


Since leaving Epic Games, the adventure has never stopped. As an in-demand Unreal Engine expert, I've been on a mission to help out licensees get their games to market. I work closely with clients from the early prototype phase to certification and submission.

Senior Game Programmer · Epic Games


At Epic Games, I helped to build the industry juggernauts Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. There, I was instrumental in bringing the game-play systems of Unreal Engine 3 to life, and pushed UE3 to emerging mobile markets.

One of the original Indie Developers


Prior to Epic Games, I was an indie developer long before they became a thing. Running my own budget studios, Creative Carnage and Simply Silly Software, I learned how to develop lean and fast. I managed designers and programmers all across the internet back before the days of Discord and Slack.


Coding / Programming

  • C++ / C#:


    · 24 years

  • Blueprints/UMG:


    · 6 years

  • UnrealScript:


    · 18 years

  • VR / AR:


    · 5 years

  • Unity


    · 3 year

  • .NET/Asp/SQL


    · 4 year


  • Prototyping:


  • Game systems:


  • UI:


  • Weapons:


  • Online/Network:


  • AI:


  • VS Add-ins:



  • Visual Studio:


  • UnrealEd:


  • Sound Forge:


  • Vegas:


  • Photoshop:


My Latest Work

The Digital Reality Lab has released our first commerical VR title, a VR escape room set in the ancient Egyptian tomb of Nefertiti. Currently available on the Oculus Quest and Quest 2.

Do yourself a favor and check out my latest indie title: PengoRoyale, an up to 12 player couch brawler. I have made in my spare time. It's a load of fun, and 100% free. Try it today!

This past Halloween, my team at the WisE Digital Reality Lab worked with our friends at the Liberty Science Center and had some fun creating a full on VR Zombie Experience right there in the lobby. Can't wait to see what we do next!

UT will always have a big place in my heart. It's the game that made me leave the independent world and come to North Carolina. Be sure to check it out.

iOS Mobile Games

I've also dabbled in the mobile market where I built my own 2D game engine using Mono. I'm up to date and familiar with both XCODE and Apple's iOS submission process.

Other Projects | Hobbies

AssetPack Games

In my spare time, I still love to make games. So I put together AssetPack Games as an indie label for all of my ramblings. There I experiment with mixing genres or doing cool things no one else has done yet. It's my playground, my one man show.

Check it Out here...

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